Football Player Criticized for Dancing While Black
American football is a game of great drama and theater. On Sunday, the championship game will decide who is the best, and who is second best. The game will include music, noisemakers, confetti, flashing lights and lots of action. So it may not seem out of
Top 5 Crowdfunding Projects Ever
A great idea is never enough. You need money to turn your idea into a reality. Your family and friends may give you money for your idea. But you are going to need more people toinvest, unless you have very rich friends and family. Crowdfundingis a
New Delhi Tries to Restore Water After Protests
Engineers are working torestorewater supplies in New Delhi. Water wascut offto large portions of the Indian capital over the weekend. Protestors damaged a canal that supplies water to the city of 18 million. The canal, in the neighboring Indian State of
Vietnam, EU Trade Deal Talks Look Hopeful
Vietnamese could buy Italian machinery and Austrians could wear more athletic shoes from Vietnam. That is because Vietnam is moving closer to reaching a trade deal with the European Union. Negotiations ended December 2. For Vietnam, the agreement
US Gives Less Foreign Aid than Americans Think
The United States will spend $37.9billionon foreign aid in 2016. That is about $2 billion more than 2014. But it still amounts to less than 1 percent of the U.S. government's $4trillionbudget. Most Americans believe the percentage is far greater. The
Evil Expressions
In an earlier program, we talked a lot about the Devil. In many religions, the Devil is the most powerful spirit of evil. Religious leaders teach that hell is where the Devil lives. They also say hell is the place where bad people go after they die. You
Actors Criticize 'White' Oscars for Lack of Diversity
The Academy Awards ceremony is Hollywood's biggest night of the year for actors and filmmakers. But this year, some are refusing to attend the ceremony. They are calling for a boycott. They are boycotting the event because of the lack ofdiversityamong
Turkey Demands Total US Support Against YPG
Turkey asked the United States forunconditionalsupport in the fight against the Syrian Kurdish YPG. The United States supports the YPG, also known as People's Protection Units, in the battles against the Islamic State in Syria. The Turks believe the YPG